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Turn conversations at events into pipeline and revenue, fast.

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Discover how an event lead management solution can transform your business. Read The Buyer’s Guide to Event Lead Management Solutions.

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We Understand

In-person events account for a large portion of your B2B marketing budget. But your events team has been stuck with outdated technology, manual processes and difficulty proving ROI.

  • Manual and disconnected processes
  • Delays in lead routing and follow-up
  • Poor and incomplete data
  • Inability to prove event ROI

Events Matter

29% graphic.

B2B marketing budgets spent on events

Source: Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, The Event Marketing Evolution: An Era of Data, Technology, and Revenue Impact, 2018
41% graphic.

B2B marketers say events are one of their largest sources of leads

Source: Chief Marketer, 2019 B2B Marketing Outlook, 2018
54% graphic.

Marketers express difficulty in proving event ROI

Source: Bizzabo, Event Marketing 2020: Benchmarks and Trends Report, 2020

Event Lead Management

Integrate’s Event Lead Management solution enables your team to capture and qualify leads with a consistent approach across all of your events. Fully customizable and integrated with your existing systems to ensure event qualified leads are routed and followed up quickly and effectively, turning conversations into pipeline.

The Benefits

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You're in control

Say goodbye to rented scanners or one-off event apps. Equip your team with an app designed for them. Rapidly capture data from badges, business cards and fully customizable forms to generate qualified leads, ready for real-time follow-up.

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Integrated Events

Scan badges at 1,000s of events all over the world through our broad range of integrations with organizers’ systems. Deliver qualified, compliant leads into your existing systems for intelligent lead routing and fast follow-up.

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Measurable outcomes

Track results from the show floor to closed revenue and finally demonstrate the power of face-to-face conversations. Generate insights and analysis to truly measure and maximize event ROI.

Engage an Expert

Drive more revenue from events and tradeshows.

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Getting from the show floor to the database and from the database to the pipeline. That’s the customer journey. See how the Integrate Demand Acceleration Platform helps B2B marketers make that journey a trusted one.

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