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We Understand

Virtual Event Marketing, or webinar, lead management is a mess. You’re managing it with unruly and unwanted data flowing into your system and time-consuming downloads of attendee lists. Plus, it’s hard to calculate webinar performance in the grand scheme of your overall demand strategy.

  • Unstandardized and incomplete data
  • Limited control and flexibility with direct APIs
  • Time-consuming manual processes
  • Can’t accurately determine webinar performance and ROI

Time to Connect

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Marketers say integrating webinar analytics with their down-funnel systems is key to effective webinar management… but only 29% are actually doing so

Source: Demand Gen Report, The 2019 Webinar Strategy Report, 2019
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Marketers consider the quality of leads generated through webinars to be above average

Source: ON24, ON24 Webinar Benchmarks Report, 2020
54% graphic.

B2B buyers engage with webinars during their buying process

Source: Demand Gen Report, 2020 Content Preferences Study, 2020

Webinar Integrations

With Integrate Webinar Integrations, all leads are automatically standardized and validated before being routed into your systems. By connecting your webinar platform to the Integrate Demand Acceleration Platform, you gain critical insight into webinar performance so you can optimize spend and build better customer journeys.

The Benefits

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The beauty of being rich

Before routing leads to your system, the Integrate Demand Acceleration Platform lets you choose from an array of fields, and then automatically applies standardization, validation, field mapping and enhancement rules.

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Save valuable time

With a fully supported and managed integration, you no longer need to deal with time-consuming downloads of registrant and attendee lists and manual lead processing.

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Strategy amplified

With the built-in analytics, you can quickly evaluate webinar performance with real-time audience and engagement metrics.

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Boost your pipeline with high-quality webinar leads.

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Today, virtual events are a critical tool for any demand generation effort. Learn how to generate the leads you need with the Integrate Demand Acceleration Platform.

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